MY Twin daughter died by consequence of use of fetal acoustic stimulator on July 6th 2006. During the Biophisical profile.

It happened in Miami Fl. in Miller university of Miami school of medicine,The technician doing this was GLoria M. Lopez And I was under Dr. Victor Hugo Gonzales Quintero.

Care DR. never report that to your company. you should know this, because I'll believe it can help to stop death of innocent children.I have more to tell. Call me 786-537-1084 or 305-266-1165.

I want to post My story in the most important web sites.

My name Graciela Monteverde.

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Ohio, United States #1324904

I too lost a baby during the FAST. I never felt her move after the vibration to her head.

I delivered a still orn baby a few days later. I would love to contact you Graciela.


how can you prove that?

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